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Please Refer to the Terms of Use for a detailed summary of each classification of the Usage Rights Field.

To view the asset Copyright, Usage Rights and Usage Rights Notes, double click on the asset to open up the asset detail view, where you can see all of the metadata.

Permitted Usage

Assets downloaded from this site may only be used for the purpose(s) designated in the Usage Rights Notes accompanying the Asset. Here are the Usage Rights designations but always check for any additional Usage Rights Notes accompanying the specific Asset:

Promotional (non-paid media)
May be used in promotional materials for The New School, including all customary university promotional purposes or products (such as, but not limited to, view books, catalogues, publications, online materials, websites).
Paid Media (incl. paid social)
May be used in paid advertising or paid social media for The New School.

Usage is subject to restrictions (see Usage Rights Notes for details)

May be used for commercial purposes by The New School (see Usage Rights Notes for details)

Usage rights are unknown or require more information (see Usage Rights Notes for details)

The Usage Rights designation applies to the Asset. You are responsible for ensuring that all appropriate permissions or releases have been secured from third parties regarding the content of the Asset (i.e., subjects, brand names, trademarks within an Asset).

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